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Mold Removal Clean-Up

When conditions are ideal with the temperature, humidity and other factors within a property, mold can begin forming in various exposed or hidden places in your home, business or other property. Often the location of mold is not visible to the occupants of the property, existing within a wall, behind a cabinet or furniture, or in an attic or crawlspace.

Our professional mold removal and remediation services in the New York City area include:

- Mold Removal and Mold Remediation
- Mold Mitigation and Assessment
- Mold Inspection and Testing
- Leak Detection and Leak Repair
- Water Damage Assessment and Mitigation
- Water Damage Repair
- Black Mold Removal / Toxic Mold Removal
- Mold and Mildew Cleaning / Mold Damage Repair
- Mold Prevention / Anti-Fungal Treatment
- Odor Removal / Deodorization
- Air Purification / Filtration
- Property Restoration

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